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Last Updated : 21st April, 2018

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Talking about the smartphone and tablet era, often do people want to use laptops and computers for small computing activities. People do not need large desktop computers merely to listen to music, watch movies or write emails (for instance). In fact, as per a recent internet survey, six out of ten people (in India) prefer using mobile phones to write emails or to use instant messaging services. To some extent, it is quite apt, since there are so many advantages a mobile phone has over conventional desktop computers and tablets. Forget about extensive gamers and designers, an average person can do most of the daily computing related chores using a mobile phone or a tablet.
When it comes to listening to music, we have access to smartphones (bonus if that smartphone is an iPhone) with which we can listen to pretty decent music. There are embedded sound equalizers for better music experience, and there are so many accessories one can use with his or her smartphone (or tablet). There are earphones, headphones, portable speakers (Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi direct speakers and Infrared speakers) along with plenty of auxiliary devices that can be connected via the audio jack very easily.

Talking about Apple devices like the iPhone and the iPad, with such a feature laden stature and such a wonderful display, watching movies and listening to music becomes a delight. Credit goes to the exclusive Apple Retina HD display, because of which watching movies is an exuberant experience on Apple devices like the iPhone and the iPad, and there is no better alternative to Cartoon HD when it comes to watching movies and television shows on iOS, Android and Windows.

Download Cartoon HD online for iOS, for free.

About Cartoon HD iPhone-

Cartoon HD is a revolutionary app that pioneered its way from iOS to Android and is now back on iOS. Cartoon HD is not a new term to those who have looked up the web to watch free movies and shows online. An average internet user has to go through the trouble of going through a seemingly endless cascade of hyperlinks if he or she wishes to watch some movie online for free. Adding to that, around 90% of the websites are either fake or they try to dupe users in some way or the other. It is when Cartoon HD comes to play. Cartoon HD is an app that started off in 2013 as a small smartphone app on the App Store. Sadly, the app had to be taken down and since then people had to resort to no-so-good alternatives. Thankfully, the app is back again with a bang and this time it is not only available on iOS, but it is available for free download on Android and Windows (through Android emulator software) as well. You can stream or even download all of the latest movies and the trending television series online (for free) using Cartoon HD. Cartoon HD is a great alternative to Torrent and other third party download centres where the probability of getting infected by a computer virus is high. On the contrary, Cartoon HD is absolutely safe to use and is even recommended by a lot of tech bloggers. You can download Cartoon HD online for free for your iOS device; download it today.

Some Features of Cartoon HD iOS-

Cartoon HD is a great app for watching/streaming movies and television series online. Unlike other popular apps in the pool, this one does not charge even a single rupee and the video quality it provides is great. Some of the notable feature of this app are mentioned below-

  • Talking about other apps like Netflix and HBO Go, Cartoon HD for iPhone is a relatively smaller app but promises to deliver twice as much. Over here you will find more than 10, 000 movies, television series and cartoon shows (including anime).
  • The app is well-categorized and the sections are placed nicely for a better understanding. That mentioned, the interface is minuscule with almost no pompous elements thereby making the device (on which it is made to run) faster and the experience smoother.
  • You can find all the latest movies over here (including the old ones too). Television series like Game of Thrones, Riverdale and Stranger Things can also be found here, on Cartoon HD. Apart from that, the app also has hundreds of cartoons and anime so you can watch those as well.
  • There is no need to register on the app. All you have to do is download the Cartoon HD app online, install it and you are good to go. Unlike other popular video on demand apps that requite credit card information and mandatory registration, Cartoon HD for iOS is free from micro-transactions and it is one of the reasons why Cartoon HD is so popular.
  • The video quality it provides is great. There are two video modes that one can easily switch to using the app itself. The modes include – Auto and Manual. In Manual mode, the user can adjust the video quality between 360p/480p/720p/1080p, while using the Auto mode allows the app to decide the best video quality as per the current internet speed and the display mode (resolution). The Auto mode not only saves internet data, but it also makes sure that the battery is saved as well.
  • You can either stream the videos online or even download them onto your device to watch them later. It is yet another great feature that none of the apps or services provide you with. So, download Cartoon HD online free for iOS.

How to Install Download Cartoon HD-

  • Download Cartoon HD IPA file online.
  • Go to General Settings on your iPhone/iPad > Go to Date and Time Settings > Change the date to January 1, 2014.
  • After that look for the downloaded IPA file and tap on it. You will receive a prompt stating whether the following app should be trusted or not.
  • Simply tap the ‘Trust’ option and the installation will commence.
  • After that, all you have to do is to simply run the app from the app tray.
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