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Last Updated : 21st April, 2018

cartoon hd apkCartoon HD Alternatives

Cartoon HD : Since we are already quite familiar with Cartoon HD and its features, let us spend some extra time in knowing about the many underdogs in the race. Just like Cartoon HD, they too are feature laden and are quite popular among their community. In fact, the smartphone fraternity would not have been as thorough as it is today without these many competitors that are in the pool. Nevertheless, Cartoon HD never fails to fascinate us because of its vast features and compatibility, but there are some other similar apps that are quite nice and would provide a satisfactory experience to the users. So, here is a complete list of other apps that are similar to Cartoon HDCartoon HD Alternatives

MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD is an app similar to Cartoon HD and was released soon after Cartoon HD was launched. It is one of the very few apps that resemble Cartoon HD both in terms of quality and interface. The interface is minuscule, with little to no pompous ad-on features. The menus are well placed with columns available for genres, titles, search and categories. You can stream movies and television series for free using MegaBox HD. You can stream movies and shows up to 1080p using MegaBox HD. So download MegaBox HD online for free, today.

 megabox apk


Those of you who are into watching movies and TV shows online, they must have heard of TerrariumTV. It has become a household name in southern parts of Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia). The app and service generate a lot of internet traffic and as a matter of fact, thousands of people use it daily. The app is notable famous for its section where it provides all the trending and latest movies and television shows from around the world. The genres range from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and even internationally acclaimed movies and shows. Streaming quality ranges up to 1080p with surround sound (5.1 channel). You should download TerrariumTV online for free and try it out.

 TerrariumTV apk

Newest Movies HD

As the name already suggests, Newest Movies HD is an app that is quite famous for providing all the latest movies from around the world with just a tap of a screen. There are thousands of app that provide movies and shows, but there are little to none that provide all the latest movies and televisions show for free. Fear not, because Newest Movies HD has got your back this time. With this app, you can stream and download all the latest movies of the time and other content this is trending around you (shows, movies and cartoon shows). Download Newest Movies HD online for free.

Newest Movies HD apk


ShowBox is yet another uber popular app that has been in the pool of entertainment for quite long. And when it comes to satisfaction, ShowBox easily lives up to the lineage of Cartoon HD. The app (ShowBox) is regarded as one of the few apps that have a splendid interface that looks very premium and has an alluring appearance. Other than that, it also provides access to all the latest and the newest movies, television shows and cartoons, entirely for free. So do download ShowBox online for free today and experience a whole new way of movie streaming.

showbox apk


Another popular app that can be used on any of the different platforms is PlayView. Just like Cartoon HD, PlayView too can be used on Android, iOS and Windows PCs and laptops. Since this app is still quite young, not many people may have heard about it. What PlayView does is that it allows you to stream and download movies and television series for free online. You need not even register here and you can start streaming or downloading soon after you have downloaded and installed the app. It provides the movies and shows entirely for free and in quality that goes all the way up to 1080p. You can download PlayView app online for free.

PlayView apk

Cinema Box

You are in dire need to watch a movie online but do not want to spend money on subscriptions. What to do? Well, fear not because this is exactly what Cinema Box is made for. Cinema Box is an app that allows its users to watch movies for free online. There are no micro-transactions involved here so all you need to do is simply download and install the app, and start streaming. The video quality ranges from 144p (3GP) to all the way up to 1080p (full HD). The audio quality is also at par with the cinema audio quality (up to 5.1 channel surround sound). Cinema Box is even available as a website, but it is the app that steals the show. So, keep that popcorn and soft-drinks ready and start streaming with Cinema Box (downloadable for free online).

Cinema Box apk


You all must have heard about of YouTube, a popular app (and website) run and owned by Google that allows users to stream videos (uploaded by others) for free. But, one zone where YouTube fails to entertain us is movies. YouTube has a strict policy towards movies and you have to pay some fee in order to either rent or buy the movie. Don’t worry, because MovieTube is nowhere like YouTube. Using MovieTube you can stream and even download movies and TV series for free with just a touch of a screen. The interface is quite fancy and going through that you all will have a fun experience. So download MovieTube online for free today.

MovieTube apk

Movie HD

Movie HD is another popular app that allows you to stream and download free movies and television shows online. All you need to do is download the Movie HD app online (for free) and start streaming sans any registration. There are over a thousand movies and television series available on Movie HD and you can either stream them online for free or even download it onto your device. The installation and download process is easy and hassle-free. You can download Movie HD app online for free and the installation process is quite easy as well (similar to installing Cartoon HD).

Movie HD apk


Crackle is yet another newbie in the pool of movie streaming apps. Just like its seniors, Crackle too allows you to stream/download movies and shows online. The video quality ranges from 144p 3GP to 1080p full HD and because of that, it is a widely acclaimed and liked app. The interface is simple and it easy to use. There are options available for streaming and downloading. You can search for the movie (or show) that you wish to watch, or can also go on a random browsing spree from a catalogue that boasts of over a thousand shows and movies. Crackle can also be downloaded and installed on iOS devices (as well as Windows devices). Download Crackle online for free today.

Crackle apk

Tubi TV

Tubi TV has also become quite popular these days, thanks to its compatibility and interface. The Tubi TV app does not require any hardware-loaded setup in order to run. All you need is a simple dual core device with 2-3 GB of RAM in order to run. Since the app is less than 5 MB in size, you need not worry about the storage getting filled. Though it does require a good internet connection through which it will stream/download movies and shows online. Just make sure that you have a good battery life because Tubi TV often tends to cause an above average battery usage. You can download Tubi TV for free online (available on Android, iOS and Windows PCs and laptops).

Tubi TV apk


VideoMix is another great app that allows users to stream and download movies and television shows online for free. The interface is simple to understand, and the app is quite small in size. The content is well categorized as genres, categories, popular content and recently viewed content. With the help of that, you can easily search for movies and shows and have little to no trouble in streaming or download movies/shows. You can find all the latest movies and shows on VideoMix and downloading them is quite easy. The video quality ranges from 240p to 1080p (full HD). You can also find Blu-ray quality movies on VideoMix, so download VideoMix app online for free today.

VideoMix apk

Popcorn Time

As the name suggests, this one goes best with popcorn. With Popcorn Time, you can stream and download tens of thousands of movies and shows with just a touch. The app has one of the finest of the interfaces one may find on movie apps. With the contrasting black and grey interface, it is delightful to scroll through the content list. Movies along with the available quality are displayed on the home screen of the app. All you need to do is simply open the thumbnail and the video will start playing. Apart from that, you can also download movies (144p-1080p) for free. There is no need to register, and all you need to do is download and install the app and enjoy! Popcorn Time can be downloaded online for free.

Popcorn Time apk

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